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Sketching in Clay

So I've got a dragon featuring in my next painting (my first?).  I doodled and sketched a few dozen possibilities for the head, but wasn't quite hitting it.  So I thought I'd bring in the third dimension and do my next "sketch" in clay to see if I could hit what I was looking for.  I think I did!  I might play w/ some extra spines (I know I want a spiney tail, so the head has to gel with that), but I think the dragon in the final piece is going to look one hell of a lot like this maquette.
Dragon head maquette

Dr. Sketchy, March

Bit of a delay getting this up, which I feel sort of guilty for.  The model was pretty darn fantastic -- I'm afraid I didn't do her justice.

Had a great time painting it, though, a beer with some friends, and finally a lovely crepe at the place next door, good laughs all 'round.  Just so nice to get out of the studio, you know?

Cybermen at Gallifrey One

Doctor Who was probably the first thing I was ever a "fan" of.  This weekend (30 years late?) I'm going to my first ever Dr. Who convention.  I painted this for the art show there, and 'cause I really wanted to.

Dr. Sketchy

Had a fun time at Dr. Sketchy last night.  I finally did what I always said I should do and painted a head rather than a figure.  Had a beer,  had some good coffee, had a good time chatting with friends and throwing paint around.
I took some liberties with the model, 'cause I enjoy doing that.  Wait, that totally sounds wrong!  I was, as always, a perfect gentleman.  What I mean is I didn't draw what I saw, I ran with it a bit.  She was wearing these little plastic devil horns, and I thought something more elaborate would be more fun.  And though her real eyes were a lovely shade, I thought red eyes would be more fun in the painting.

Jules Verne

Wanted to get my feet wet on Photoshop's new color mixer brush, so I did  a little study from a photo of Jules Verne this morning.

Bring Back the Draft

Got a new drafting table:

Adventure Girls

I posted this on my website Monday (I think it was Monday) but someone pointed out I should post in on the blog as well, so . . .

oil on paper on panel, 24"x36"
Asked a buddy about the drybrush technique he'd used on a recent piece, and turned out it wasn't live media like I'd thought, but one of the nagel series 33 photoshop brushes I'd picked up awhile back.  So I had to go play with the drybrush in that group (#3, to be specific):drybrush sketch

X-mas Prezzies

Hanna wrote up a Christmas list, so I'm sharing it here (anything in square brackets is my addition, normal parentheses is just what she wrote):

Wish List [Hanna]:

Ook and Gluk (book)
Stuffed animal (not real, just toy)
Book about werewolves
Harry Potter movie (any except 3 or 4)
Webkinz plush
Neopets plush
Garfield book
Zhu Zhu pet adventure ball
Zhu Zhu pet [she seems particulary fond of Azer, the brown kung-zhu pet]
Curse of the wereweenie book
Dragonbreath book
PS3 [the last two big-ticket items were late additions.  I guess she realized she'd forgotten to dream big!]

Hattie hasn't made a wish list.  When we asked her what she wanted for christmas she put her finger on her chin, and made a big show of thinking hard, and then said, "ummmm . ..  . Presents!"  So allow me to take the liberty of speculating.

Wish List [Hattie]:

"Sarge" -- the green kung-zhu zhu-zhu pet
viewmaster discs about something other than dinosaurs
automoblox mini toy car (she's got one that she loves, if she had two she could swap parts)
stuffed animal
toy sci-fi rifle which makes neat noises
pretty much anything with buttons you press that then make noises -- but try not to be too obnoxious, I've got to live with said noises
-- and Hattie just came in so I asked her again and she says:
A witch costume
A doll [smallish]